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We believe. Do you?
Imagine your favourite superheroes teaming up to save the world from an alien invasion. Then believe us when we say that we did most of the groundwork.

At SiriusLabs, we take the unorthodox and adrenaline-filled approach to provide technological solutions for brands and companies at the risk of an alien invasion.
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#Design #Development.
Our Services
Front End Development

We build native mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms, jaw dropping websites, sweet web applications, and well-organized dashboards for administrators and managers.

Back End Development

Your websites and applications need functional components to run perfectly. We architect software systems and databases to meet those specific needs.

Product Management

Handling developers and entire software teams can take a lot of your precious time and can be extremely stressful. We ease that stress by managing your digital product from ideation to launch.


Think of 5 companies in the world right now. You probably mentioned Nike. That’s a brand. You need us to work with you to create and present the magic your business carries within.

UI/UX Design

We design beautiful & interactive user interfaces with wonderful experiences. From flow diagrams, wireframes, and production polished interfaces, your apps will definitely have some color in its cheeks.

Prototype Lab

We build prototypes for you to validate your ideas with customers, so that working towards that minimum viable product doesn’t leave you with cold feet.

Featured Product
Some of the major problems we face in the software development industry are finding effective ways to organise all stakeholders involved in a project, getting them aligned and focused on what’s important, and managing feedback in a constructive and prioritised manner.

We built Gecko to solve these issues. Gecko helps development teams work collaboratively and respond to feedback in simple ways. And simple ways work best.

We want you to see Gecko as your not-so-little helper, helping you and your team get as much work done to build better software and share feedback from stakeholders to fix bugs and issues.

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